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ANAF Unit 26 - 3rd Annual Dart Tournament

October 20 - 22, 2017

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Attention VDA members

announcing the

  2017 Annual Awards Banquet


Saturday June 3, 2017
Bar opens 6 PM
Dinner at 7 PM

Upstairs Event Room

3 West 8th  Avenue,
Vancouver BC.  V5Y 1M8


Join your fellow VDA members and guests as we celebrate the conclusion of the 2016-17 Tuesday Night Dart League and recognize the both team and individual achievements.  There will be a tasty buffet, a well stocked bar, music and dancing, awards, and of course door prizes. Tickets will be available from your team captains in early May.  Guest tickets are also avaiable.

  Member Tickets: $25
 Guest Tickets: $35

Regular Season Final Standings & Playoff Schedule

   Division 1
   Final Standings     
Match Play
Tournament Participation Bonus Points (Max 5 per event)



Mens Doubles/
Ladies Singles
Mens Singles/
Ladies Doubles
Mixed Doubles

  Booze & Arrows1965 (7)5 (6)3209
  Thunderbolts1745 (6)5 (7)5189
  49'ers16845 (6)5 (6)182
  Dartrageous1645 (7)44177
  Sharks14535 (6)5 (6)158
  BX Airborne136221141
  Division 2
  Final Standings  
Match Play
Tournament Participation Bonus Points (Max 5 per event)



Mens Doubles/
Ladies Singles
Mens Singles/
Ladies Doubles
Mixed Doubles

  Darty Rotten Scoundrels183343193
  Shooters179345 (7)191
  BX A Team172210175
  Thorny Devils154203159
  Bull Shooters130000130

 Playoff Schedule

 Round 1 
   Division 1  Division 2 
   April 11, 2017  April 11, 2017 
   BX Airborne at 49'ers  Bull Shooters at Didgeridoos 
   Sharks at Dartrageous  Thorny Devils at BX A Team 
   Bye:  Booze & Arrows, Thunderbolts  Bye:  Darty Rotten Scoundrels, Shooters 


 Round 2
   Division 1  Division 2 
   April 18, 2017  April 18, 2017 
   49'ers at Thunderbolts  Didgeridoos at Shooters 
   Dartrageous at Booze & Arrows  BX A Team at Darty Rotten Scoundrels 
   Eliminated:  Airborne, Sharks  Eliminated:  Bull Shooters, Thorny Devils


 Round 3
   Division 1  Division 2 
   April 25, 2017  April 25, 2017 
   Thunderbolts at Booze & Arrows (for 1st & 2nd place)  Didgeridoos at Darty Rotten Scoundrels (for 1st & 2nd place) 
   Dartrageous at 49'ers (for 3rd place)  BX A Team at Shooters (for 3rd place) 





The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 30, home of VDA's Darty Rotten Scoundrels, will be permanently closing its doors
in April 2017. 

Effective April 1st, the new venue for the Darty Rotten Scoundrels will be at the Billy Bishop Legion Branch 176 located at 1407 Laburnum St, Vancouver, BC V6J 3W4 in Kitsilano.

For the remainder of the the regular season, home matches for DRS will be played out of RCL 30 in Kerrisdale.  Any home playoff matches for DRS in April 2017 and beyond, however, will be played out of the Billy Bishop Legion Branch 176 in Kitsilano.



The Vancouver Dart Association, or VDA as it’s commonly referred to, is a non-profit society that was established in May 1984 to promote and organize darts in the Vancouver area. The VDA organizes and oversees the Tuesday Night Dart League, which is a fun, recreational dart league for men and women of all abilities.  The VDA also organizes and runs several dart tournaments, including the world ranked Greater Vancouver Open, Canada's largest open dart tournamment.


  The Tuesday Night Dart League has been a great way for men & women to enjoy fun, competitive
  darts in a team format for over 30 years. If you enjoy playing darts, team competition, meeting new people, and are looking to have a lot of fun, VDA’s Tuesday Night Dart League is your perfect score!

Season Duration

The VDA Tuesday Night Dart League season operates typically from mid September through to late March or early April.  Playoffs usually are completed by the end of April, depending on the number of teams & divisions.  Team registration deadline is early September.  The league schedule for the entire season is created one week prior to season start.  Check our website for the latest updates & information.

Skill Levels

With a division format, our league accommodates male & female players of all skills and experience.  Whether you are a beginner or a 30 year veteran sharpshooter, there’s a division that will fit your skill level. This season, all teams will play each other once in a round robin format to determine a team's divional placement by using total wins to determine seedings and divisions. Each division will have 4-8 teams depending upon the total number of teams and overall skills. Once determined, all teams will play the remaining games against teams with similar skills in their respective division. This format ensures that their is a competitive balance within a division and the league.

Team Format

Teams are allowed a maximum of 10 players and must play a minimum of 6 players per match.  Each team must play a minimum of two female players per match.  This allows flexibility for teams to carry regular and/or part-time players on their roster. 

Game & Match Format

All league dart games are of Single In/Double Out format.  Each scheduled match consists of four Team games of 3 players, six Doubles games, and six Singles games. The Doubles and Singles are best of three.  A total of sixteen points (wins) are available per match. Click here to view and download our league scoresheet.

   Standings & Statistics

   Match results, standings and individual achievements for High Score, High Finish & 180’s are
   updated weekly on our website.


There are several venues in or near Vancouver that host and/or sponsor teams.  In most cases, the venue will sponsor & pay for a portion or all of the team’s players’ membership cost.  In return, the venue will benefit from the revenue generated by the players throughout the season.

Annual Awards Banquet

At season’s end, the VDA holds an Awards Banquet to recognize team and individual accomplishments.  Awards for team results are presented for both regular season and the playoffs. Individuals are recognized for 180s, High Score, and High Finish for league play, as well as VDA Shoots.

The Awards Banquet also features great food, live music, dancing, door prizes and a well stocked bar. Each member may bring a guest to join them in the festivities.

2016-17 Season

We are always looking to expand our membership and are always seeking to recruit players of all skills & experience. We have roster space available on a few teams, so if you are interested in joining our dart community, there are currently opportunities available.

How to Join

There are primarily two different ways to start playing darts in the Tuesday Night Dart League. If you already play darts regularly with a few of your friends or other dart players, you may want to consider forming a new team. The VDA can help you put a team together and provide assistance with getting a home venue.

If you seek to join in the Tuesday night fun as an individual, you can most likely find a spot on an existing team.  Often existing teams have an open roster spot or two, and are looking to fill their roster size to the maximum of 10 players.

If you are interested in getting involved and joining the Tuesday Night Mixed Dart League, contact our Membership Director,  at membership@vancouverdarts.ca.